Monday, August 17, 2009


This site is called daily news yet I only post rarely lol. I need to come up with something great to post on here.


  1. Hi Kristin...You could change the title to "Almost" Daily Lesbian life or Weekly Lesbian Life LOL. Try going to this blog ( and you can do the TMI surveys they post every Tuesday. This will give you something to fill in on one day....Kara XO

  2. Haha I should change the title. I filled out the one you tagged me in, but I didn't really have any great answers, mine were boring so I just deleted it. :/

  3. Funny, literally just a few minutes ago removed teh description "updated at least weekly" from one of my blogs. I was even thinking maybe I should change it to "updated when there is something going on..."

    Yea, I was a bit lax on the writing but didn't help that I forgot to hit "Publish Post" too. ugh

  4. Hi Kristin should do the survey anyway. I don't look at them as if they are exciting or boring. I look at them as giving us great insight to one another. I think Jess gives better answers than me but I still enjoy doing them. Plus with the link I gave you they post a new one every Tuesday. If you don't like the one posted you you can just go back and do an older one since there is 200 listed.
    Anyway I'll be looking forward to the next post when it comes...Kara XOXO