Friday, April 17, 2009

Be Quiet

Today is the National Day of Silence.

The National Day of Silence brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Each year the event has grown, now with hundreds of thousands of students coming together to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior. 

National Day of Silence is a wonderful way to show that we are all equal and want the same rights as everyone else. I just hope that it will do more good than harm.

Last year, a 15 year old student named Lawrence King who was shot and killed by his 14 year old classmate. Lawrence was shot because he asked the kid to be his valentine. The National Day of Silence 2008 was held in his memory.

I can only hope we are moving towards equality and we don't have to hear such sad stories like this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shame on Me

I have neglected this blog so much. I'm sorry. I'll have a new post tonight and all this week. :]

Friday, April 10, 2009

Liiiiiizzzzz Lemmoonnnnnnn!

Pete: "I can't go back to teaching high school math! Those girls pretend they're not women yet, but they are!"

So who saw the new 30 Rock last night? Another brilliant episode. Tina Fey is a genius. One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Liz dressed up as Steve Jobs and did her presentation.

What did everyone else think of the episode "Cutbacks"?

My AfterEllen Top 100

Sorry for the lack of posts. Here is my top 10, and don't forget, you can vote here:

Here we go lol.

1.)Piper Perabo

2.)Eliza Dushki

3.)Summer Glau

4.)Sarah Shahi

5.)Kate Mara

6.)Kate French

7.)Sophia Bush

8.)Portia De Rossi

9.)Guinevere Turner

10.)Freida Pinto

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crush of the Day

This isn't a new crush. I've had a crush on actress Kate Mara for years now. There is something about her. For one, she is beautiful. Two, I think she is a wonderful actress. And everything I have read about her, she seems like a sweetheart.

She first caught my attention during the first season of Nip/Tuck. Kate played a character named Vanessa, who started out dating Matt Macnamra, until we find out a couple episodes later, she is in love with another woman. And the other woman was none other than Sophia Bush. Her portrayl of a lesbian was very convincing and heartbreaking and I think she pulled it off wonderfully.

I also loved her in Brokeback Mountain. She didn't have a large part, but the times she was on screen were in my opinion, magical. She gave such depth and vulnerbility to her character, and I was just even more amazed by her. The character she played was Alma jr, daughter of Ennis (The late great Heath Ledger) and Alma (played by Michelle Williams) I think she really played well off of Heath, and held her own quite nicely.

I could write more about her, but I think I'd be bordering on obsessive lol. :] And just another photo of her, because why the hell not??

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lara and Dana to reunite!

Lauren Lee Smith (Miss Lara Perkins on "The L Word") is currently on the tv show "CSI" she has had a reccuring role for quite some time. I just learned that Erin Daniels (Dana Fairbanks from "The L Word) is going to be making an apperance on this weeks show Thursday, April 4th.

Source: IMDb

I was such a huge fan of the Lara/Dana romance. They were so sweet together and I was upset when they broke up. I wonder if they will have any scenes together? I sure hope so. :]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Buh Bye Chaiken

Showtime is zeroing in on new series pickups, and "The Farm" is not going to be picked up.

"The Farm" was going to be a spinoff from the popular Showtime series, "The L Word. It was going to involve Alice going to jail and being framed for Jenny's murder. (Gah) Guest stars in the pilot were Famke Janssen, Laurie Metcalfe, and Melissa Leo.

I for one, am glad this isn't going to be picked up. TLW was a decent show, at best, and this show sounded so so stupid. Lesbians in jail? Haven't seen that before. Although, in a way, I am also sad that this show isn't being picked up because there aren't any other lesbian centered shows on anymore. Maybe Showtime will remember that they still have a core audience and we will watch if there is a good quality lesbian show.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rachel Shelly is having a baby

Rachel Shelly (Helena from the L Word- In case you forgot) is pregnant. She is about 5 months along.

So does this mean she is really and truly straight?

Off into the distance, is the sound of a million lesbians hearts breaking.