Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lady Loving Lady

I know this is old news, but I just had to write a post about it. Nicole Pacent, from the web series "Anyone But Me" is a lesbian.

SC: Well it sounds like you know a lot about the different types of categories and stereotypes on The L Word…so does this mean you are an L Word fan?

NP: Yes, it does (laughing). And it also means I am a lady-loving-lady. I’ve followed The L Word from the time that it aired. I remember being at Gay Pride in New York, summer of 2003, and there was a big float advertising it and I remember going, ‘What is that?!’ The only thing that was out was Queer as Folk at that point. So when this new lesbian show was coming about, it was very exciting. I’ve definitely been following it since the beginning.

For the full article, see here:

I have to admit, I still haven't seen the web series. I have been busy with school, and haven't had the time. I was also waiting for a couple episodes to be out before I started watching. Has anyone who views this blog seen it yet? Is it any good? I'd love to hear your opinions. :]


  1. This is the first I've heard of it, but she looks real nice!

  2. Yeah she seems nice in the interview I saw her in, plus she's a cutie. :)

  3. the webseries is pretty good.
    nicole pacent is the best part, in my opinion.
    this is the first i've heard about her being a lesbian but that does add some authenticity to her performance.