Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rachel Shelly is having a baby

Rachel Shelly (Helena from the L Word- In case you forgot) is pregnant. She is about 5 months along.

So does this mean she is really and truly straight?

Off into the distance, is the sound of a million lesbians hearts breaking.


  1. Why would she have to be straight to be pregnant?

  2. Well, she could be gay, but people have talked about her boy friend or husband to be, so I just figured she is straight. :]

  3. I'm both happy and sad about this news. Happy because; yay Rachel is going to be a mommy! But sad because she has a boyfriend (which I've known for a long time, but still..). XD

    But yep. Miss Rachel is straight (unfortunately :P ). Although, I believe she's been quoted as saying she had a girl-crush on Alexandra Hedison (who played Dylan.. my fav L Word couple!). =D

  4. Hey thanks for commenting! :) Yeah, it bummed me out that she is straight, but if she is happy, than that is all that matters. Thanks for the tidbit about her girl crush, I had no idea! Too bad they didn't end up together on the show, they had amazing chemistry.

  5. to bad she is straight... and its true... a lot of girls hearts are breaking(mine including *SS*) ... cos she is... wauw!!!! But sure... if she i happy... its nice! :)

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